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I can finally see my overall portfolio performance at one place. It tracks the fees, so you can optimize your buying strategy. So far I'm fine with the free version, but considering an upgrade, especially for the tax season.

After testing various trackers, I decided on SP. I have many stock positions at Interactive Broker and Degiro, importing via CSV was an important point for me. None of the trackers did better than SP, even the market leader ($24/month) didn't import many stocks.

The site is informative due to various evaluation options and has everything you need. You have instant support directly from the developer, Jakub answers all questions. The roadmap for further feature development looks good. After a short time I was convinced and booked the full version for $8.

β€” Peter Hermann

lovely UI, love the import from Degiro as well

β€” Hugo

The dashboard that my broker lacks to provide.

Better insights in my statistics without going through a lot of hassle.

β€” Max

The only app which lets me import most of my portfolios and see true performance for free.

β€” Christof

A portfolio tracker with very accurate calculation of yields.

β€” Martin

simple, easy to interpret

β€” Pedro

Worked like a charm

β€” Denis

Very usefull app to follow one or more portfolios. The support is excellent and help with any questions and issues uploading portfolios. Responses are quick and helpfull.

All in all a reliable portfolio service with good support.

Nifty little app to track portfolio over multiple brokers.

Allows me to consolidate my portfolio view in one place, automatically imports trades in a very simple process saving me hours of work.

I haven't used the tax reporting function because I'm only filing again next year but I think it will be a lifesaver.

β€” Fernando

Demystifies broker statements

Keep up the great work! Your app is great!

β€” Nick

Thanks a lot for this app... I've been looking to something like this for some time...

β€” Marcos

It allows me to stay on top of my investment portfolio, enabling to make informed investment decisions.

It allows me to view how my investments perform over time, and compare my performance to simply holding cash

β€” Nick

The only tool that really works well for me is Simple Portfolio. I love it! It is simple to use, free and neat.

β€” Ma Langkan

I've been trying Simple Portfolio and it's amazing. I love your product.

β€” AurΓ©lio

Very useful and good for keeping an eye on my portfolio. Of course there is some room for improvement, but Jakub is working on it constantly. Live stock prices would be great for example. Jakub is quick in his responses. There was a ticker in my portfolio with the wrong price and he had changed it within minutes. Importing from De Giro goes flawless, better than some other trackers. Trade Republic had to be added manually, because TR has no possibility to export my transactions to a CSV or PDF. Took me some time, but all tickers were there! Also all Dutch stocks, just Simple!! To support Jakub and his good work I even pay now for Premium.... He deserves the stars!

Great product by the way. I am enjoying using it and now I have a much better overview than before.

I appreciate the work you put into the site, nothing comes quite close to its simplicity and functionality.

β€” Wouter

Simple Portfolio is a really cool πŸ’ͺ

β€” Jakub

Great app with useful information which DEGIRO doesn't provide.

β€” Michiel

useful, easy to use and convenient

β€” Luis

stupid simple

I'm doing my tax report and using your app to help me! Thanks!

β€” Nuno

A fresh and reliable app to track accurately your portfolio status, gains and keep track of your taxes. It helps me evaluate my investing choices.

Some of the offered functionalities are well above competitors in terms of price/quality and are very unique since they are focused on European investors who are under served in the market.

β€” Aldo

The ultimate Degiro tracker which provides a better understanding of my historical portfolio performance, underlying sector allocations, (un)realized returns, and received dividends.

β€” Jordy

Just the tool I was looking for. Really love where this is going man. It's badly needed as Degiro has nothing that is really helpful. Thanks again for taking the time to build this!

β€” Myles

All brokers are so damn old in terms of UI and UX. This website brings a bunch of fresh air to a static environment.

β€” Matteo

best support πŸ‘πŸ‘

β€” Sothon

Amazing little simple tool. I really like the simplicity and clean design of your app.

β€” Tim

Intuitive and useful platform

Easy to use and does exactly what I wanted it to do for free. Very quick and effective responses from support team when I ran into issues

It's easy to use, easy to import transactions and I can quickly see my portfolio's stats. I haven't found any other web app that does what this web app does as well.

Great app! Does exactly what you expect it to do!

It gives me a clear insight into my performance, sectors I have invested in and helps me understand the weaknesses and strengths of my portfolio.

β€” Robin

Very clear and super easy to use. Ideal companion for a Degiro account.

The creator answers quickly and fixes the issues effectively.

A one stop shop for portfolio performance, even for stock purchased through different brokers.

β€” Kenneth

Every functionality you're missing in DEGIRO in terms of visualisations and overviews is in Simple Portfolio.

It helps me see the bigger picture across my whole portfolio.

β€” Fabian

User friendly and extremely useful.

I've tried many tools for managing my portfolio, from apps, browser extensions, and even creating many my own excel spreadsheet.

In my case I use Degiro, which unfortunately doesn't provide interesting tools and statistics about our portfolio. This was the best alternative I found.

I already reached out to the support which is also very helpful.

β€” Torres

Awesome portfolio tracking tool

Great product. Fast and easy to use, I have all my portfolio numbers always at hand without having to sign in to my broker.

I have been a user for almost two years and support is amazing.

β€” Nuno C

The tool is great.

β€” Uday

Thanks for the app! This is awesome and at the same time unbelievable that DEGIRO doesn't provide anything like it.

β€” Marco

all my stocks in one app

β€” Maj

By the way, kudos to your work. I have been looking for an app/website for a long time to track portfolio based on Europe stocks and your website has all I am looking for πŸ™‚

Really nice app, looks nice and its not that hard to use

β€” Miguel Coelho

It shows me graphs DEGIRO does not so I get a different point of view on my portfolio.

β€” Olatz

Simple but effective...

After going through so many tracking platforms and applications I really struggled to find anything I liked that served my needs. I used to track every transaction, deposit, withdrawal and fee as well as map my progress in my own spreadsheets. Tracking myself became unmanageable as my portfolio grew, so it was time for me to give it the quality it deserved. I then found Simple Portfolio and really liked it. I became a paying customer really quickly, which is unusual for me.

What I really like now about this product is not only the ease and compatibility with difficult brokers like DEGIRO, but also how its constantly being improved. There is a really good developer behind the project and the support is second to none. I am genuinely excited to see the product evolve.

I have used the product for almost 6 months now and buzz off keeping my portfolio up to date in order to track my performance each month. Worth a look if you manage any financial portfolio and need to track its performance.

β€” Tom Ramsden

Simple, clean and excellent customer support. Good functionality in the free version and even better in the premium subscription. Importing Degiro portfolio is very easy and it just works. Some ISINs not yet supported but customer service replied very promptly that this is in the making. Better functionality compared to other free and paid solutions out there and very helpful given Degiro's poor built-in reporting.

β€” Clemens

It just works.

I can track the performance of my portfolio and understand its breakdown so that I know where to make new investments.

It automatically parses the trades I import from DeGiro and then automatically keeps track of the evolution of each position, dividends, etc. without any effort from my side. It is also great not to have to worry about currency conversions

β€” Nuno

I have tested many such tools, but in my opinion this is one of the best available on the market. Easy to use, data is correct and the developer is very helpful.

Interactive Broker's semi-automatic import works great.

The app is really really great, it is very simple to track your yields and performance. Also importing my track (from Degiro in my case) was super simple.

Jakub, the creator, is very helpful and answers in record time.

Would 100% recommend.

β€” Jesus

I have to say my import from Degiro worked perfectly, it’s well programmed, good work!

β€” Stefan

I really love your website, it's simple and elegant which is just what I want and was too lazy to develop myself.

β€” Maarten

I really like your service cos Degiro's tracking is kind of bad.

β€” Aleksi

Simple Portfolio is the perfect website to track your investments. The best feature is that it displays the amount you invested on the chart and what % of your portfolio what investment is. Next to that, the dividend graph is also very handy. You can import from multiple brokers or enter transactions manually. Everything is easy to use. But best of all, it's free!

Your product seems great, keep it up!

β€” Grzegorz

It is simple, yet it has most of the info I value on the same page. Imports are also easy. Really happy. I've just started my journey in investing, so this is very handy.

β€” Filipe

TBH I'm surprised by how fast it is. I used to use a different desktop app before and it took ages to calculate the values for different time frames. And the UX... I love it

Excellent, simply excellent

β€” Adrien

Thanks for creating this app. It helps me consolidate my different Portfolios into one place. I had difficulties in the past trying to consolidate Trading 212 and Degiro. Your app is the only app that can do this almost accurately.

β€” Colin

I tested your app today and I am pretty impressed. It's much better than some other third party apps that I tried (Beanvest, Portfolio Performance or Zeus to name a few).

β€” Clemens

I have been using your product for over a year now. It is the best out of the list of portfolio management tools that can handle imports from Degiro.

β€” CiarΓ‘n

Last week I showed the app to a friend and he loved it!

β€” Nuno

I have been using this platform for a few months and I love it. I mainly use DEGIRO and adding trades is done in 5 seconds, it's very convenient. I love the simple, clear visuals of your portfolio distribution (holdings, sector, region). I could recommend this to anyone who wants real overview of their portfolio.

Simple app to track my ETFs, stocks and crypto in one place. No more excel.

It's easy to use. Many other apps are to complicated for small, passive investors.

β€” Jakub

Eliminates the chore of manual portfolio tracking.

β€” Danny

Just found this tool on Reddit. Looks absolutely fantastic. I'm currently trading through Degiro and their UI for portfolio tracking is so awful. I'm especially impressed by your UI.

β€” Anton

You're doing a great product.

β€” Florin

Works very well!!

β€” Alef

it's incredibly good

β€” Pedro

Simple and does exactly what it promises.

Love the website, very simplistic and useful.

great UI, and clarity... I was kind of wishing that DeGiro would have this as a standard (but they don't seem to have any performance reporting).

β€” Aik

You are the only app that gives really good yearly and monthly performance overview.

β€” Andrew

I love this product

β€” Paul

Great tool to track your holdings

Adding to what others have said:

A very usable, very affordable alternative to the more complex platform.

You get a very good overview of your portfolio, its holdings, the upcoming dividends, and some more detailed analysis tools.

Jakub is very responsive and happy to include your suggestions.

The tool complements my trading platform perfectly and I warmly recommend it.

β€” Olivier

The simplest, most straightforward

I logged in every portfolio tracker I could find and will stay with this one. Very ergonomic, straightforward, relevant KPI easily accessible. Great job from the creator. Looking forward to the updates coming. Very new yet very promising.

FYI: I am using DEGIRO.

A way to actually see my percentage gains in DEGIRO. LOL.

β€” Paul

smooth app by the way πŸ™‚

Simple tool to easily see my current portfolio and per annum returns.

I enjoy your application.

β€” Dennis

Degiro does not give a good tax report but with your app it was easy to get it.

β€” Mans

I really like your app, actually it looks very much like my local excel sheet, but better πŸ˜ƒ

β€” Denys

Great app! Finally I can see the true return (p.a.) of my whole portfolio presented in a simple and understandable way. It works with Degiro exports and it's free!

Simple Portfolio is the tool I needed - I've had a DeGiro account for about 7 years, but didn't have a way of tracking assorted metrics over time. But this tool has really allowed me to get a handle on my investments and their performance, and helps me feel more informed.

Jakub, the creator, is also really responsive to emails. I had a query for him, and not only did he respond, but implemented an update to the app that displayed what I wanted to see.

Highly recommended.

Overall great app and awesome support

Overall great and "simple" way of tracking portfolio. Free features are good.

Support and replies to inquiries are adequate and timely and have lead to satisfactory conclusions on multiple occasions.

β€” Bas

Investment tracking platform for my different platforms. I see my investment info in one place. I can easily print and declare tax report to my country authority.

β€” Linas

This is an amazing tool

β€” Dale

Easy way to see investment graphs.

β€” Hugo

Excellent cost effective portfolio tracker with all main features one would expect (portfolio and individual security value and P&L tracker, dividend history and future projections plus breakdowns by asset class, geography and sector). It also incorporates reporting to assist with submitting correct tax returns.

However probably the most impressive aspect was how easy it was to import quite complex transaction data from Degiro. For example I imported one portfolio with 799 historical transactions in 1 or 2 minutes with no errors and a second portfolio with 3289 transactions with only one minor issue that Jakub fixed within a few hours of me reaching out.

Jakub is very responsive to questions regarding the use of the application or fixing any minor import issues.

I would highly recommend Simple Portfolio.

The website is fast and clean. Plus Jakub, the founder, answers all the questions in a timely manner. The whole experience is seamless. I can't recommend it enough.

Some other solutions require login data. I'm happy with the CSV imports on the Simple Portfolio app, it's easy enough and makes me feel safer.

I'm currently using the free version. It already provides me with far better visibility than my broker (Degiro). I imagine the paid version is even more powerful.

I'm a paying customer and I'm thrilled with this product; no one has seemed to crack tracking investments from DEGIRO (even DEGIRO themselves have struggled with this), this app gives me a simple breakdown of my performance compared to major indices, and my allocation/diversity split. I'm glad to be using the product and excited to see what features come along in the future.

β€” Paul Sheridan

Portfolio analytics in one click.

It gives me actionable insights that I cannot find on other platforms that save me money and time.

β€” Paolo

Love the tool. Degiro is a total pain when it comes to portfolio tracking. Your service is awesome.

β€” Diego

Your site is beautiful.

β€” Jean

The app is really clear and usable. It is really easy to import the Degiro porfolio just uploading the Account.csv. I needed help with some transactions I did via MyInvestor and I had answer in less than two days. Normally, in less than 10 minutes. Jakub is really kind and even adds items if they aren't includent in the app in a record time. If I haven't subscribed yet it is because of the money, otherwise I would have bought the premium version!

β€” MarΓ­a

Looks really clean!

β€” Gerben

Fantastic application! I'd go as far as to say it's the best on the market. It effortlessly allows you to consolidate all your accounts in one place, and everything runs smoothly and quickly.

Furthermore, the customer support is excellent. While I'm looking forward to seeing more features added in the future, it already excels in handling tax-related tasks and providing general analytics.

Great porfolio app to track performance of your portfolio.

I can see performance by year and sector allocation, plus costs for transactions.

Easy drag and drop import from Degiro.

β€” Pietro

it's an impressive app and I'm a happy customer

β€” Paul

Simple and powerful.

I was looking for an easy app to track my portfolio. I was amazed with Simple Portfolio since day one.

Import from Degiro was super easy and right after that I could see some insights about my portfolio that I couldn't even see on my broker.

This is the kind of app I love, simple, easy and powerful.

β€” Aurelio

Great application for tracking your portfolio over longer periods of time and getting useful metrics on the performance of your portfolio.

β€” Peter Phelan

A simple way to track your investments, including dividends. It shows clearly and in a simple way all my investments.

β€” Oriol

Great app for tracking multiple portfolios in one place.

I use Simple Portfolio for more than a year. When I saw the value and converted into a paid customer.

The quality of the charts, the data, the design of the whole app and especially the monthly newsletter is the reason to use the app.

Also the customer support is very responsive and listens to user feedback and updates the app regularly.

Highly recommend it.

β€” Andrew K

Correct FIFO tax reports, great support.

I was looking for an app to solve a very common problem: FIFO PnL calculation with partial sales, as it is required by tax authorities of many countries. This is extremely tedious to do manually, especially as an active trader. In my experience most traders are not even aware of this requirement and deliver false tax reports based on average price. Enjoy tax audits... After looking through the few not very convincing and/or overpriced pieces of software available I came across an online subscription-based service called Simple Portfolio. Developer Jakub is extremely responsive and even caters for special requirements. CSV import is possible for many brokers, such as Interactive Brokers, even quirky Swissquote and more. Although I have not explored all features yet (various ways to analyze and display portfolio performance etc.), I am super happy already with the correct tax report calculation. Subscription fees (split into portfolio management and tax reporting) well spent. Definitely recommended.

β€” Ralph

to be honest the fast response is amazing. I’ll keep the subs up.

β€” Myles

easy way to track your dividends

Nice UI analytics interface on top of the limited performance data that my broker provides.

β€” Niklas

You are scaring me with your customer focus. Seriously though, in this day & age when no one really cares about customers, this is highly refreshing.

β€” Vijay

great app by the way πŸ‘πŸΌ

β€” Robert

Lean and clean tool to track investments.

great job building and launching this thing. I love how easy/intuitive you've made the whole thing. especially ingesting data πŸ™‡β€β™€οΈ

β€” Donal

Valuable app for portfolio overview. It works great with DEGIRO exports, so no hassle with manual input.

Even the free version is great for small portfolios!

The support is really great, and very responsive.

You have built a wonderful tool - the analytics have really helped me understand my portfolio a bit better. You should be very proud of your work!

β€” Patrick

Just wanted to say I love the improved platform. It makes me super excited πŸ™‚

β€” Paul

The app looks so sharp! Thank you for building this!

β€” Falco

Quick, simple portfolio tracking software that allows you to import trades from your broker in order to view detailed statistics on your performance. It has been designed with my broker (Degiro) in mind.

β€” Tom

A true problem solver.

Discovered this app by accident as I was looking for trading journal for risk management purposes: Simple Portfolio offers performance overview and automatically analyze your data. It is reliable and secure.

The founder is dedicated to respond to the struggles individuals face. Simple Portfolio provides an indicator on how you perform, the profits and losses made. Several sites offer portfolio overall indicators, what makes it special? It is granular and encapsulates brokers like Degiro.

Jakub presents professional skills that brought up my user experience to yearly subscription.

β€” Adrien

An easy app to track your portfolio of stocks.