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See all your realized gains and dividend income

See your short- and long-term realized gains and dividend income broken down by country.

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Harvest your tax losses with our unrealized gains report.

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No more hours spent preparing your taxes. Our tax report shows you everything you need to prepare your taxes.

Import your trades from the following brokers, from a CSV file or add them manually.

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Simple Portfolio dashboard

Track your portfolio's performance

Get a better view of your stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies with an easy-to-use portfolio tracker.

Simple Portfolio dividend income breakdown

Track your dividend income

You no longer have to manually enter your dividends into a spreadsheet. All dividends and other corporate actions get automatically imported into your portfolio.

Simple Portfolio upcoming dividends

Plan ahead with the dividend calendar

Track your upcoming dividends so that you can plan which holdings to keep and which to sell.

Make sure your portfolio is diversified

Make sure your portfolio is well diversified by breaking it down by asset class, region and sector

All your investments in one place

Get a perfect overview of all your investments in one place. Easily see your asset allocation and how well each asset performs. For each holding, we show you its absolute and annualized net return including fees and dividends.

Compare your portfolio to a benchmark

See how would your portfolio perform if you invested the same amounts in a benchmark of your choice such as S&P 500.

Make sure your portfolio risk is appropriate to your returns

Track your portfolio risk, see your risk-adjusted return and compare it to a benchmark.

Import all your trades in seconds

You don't have to enter your trades manually. Just drag & drop your account statements from your broker or spreadsheets. We do the rest.

Ready to give it a try? Evaluate your portfolio for free.

Testimonials πŸ’™

Don't take our word for it. See what our customers have to say.

Intuitive and useful platform

Easy to use and does exactly what I wanted it to do for free. Very quick and effective responses from support team when I ran into issues

simple, easy to interpret

β€” Pedro

best support πŸ‘πŸ‘

β€” Sothon

Every functionality you're missing in DEGIRO in terms of visualisations and overviews is in Simple Portfolio.

It helps me see the bigger picture across my whole portfolio.

β€” Fabian

Simple, clean and excellent customer support. Good functionality in the free version and even better in the premium subscription. Importing Degiro portfolio is very easy and it just works. Some ISINs not yet supported but customer service replied very promptly that this is in the making. Better functionality compared to other free and paid solutions out there and very helpful given Degiro's poor built-in reporting.

β€” Clemens

The only tool that really works well for me is Simple Portfolio. I love it! It is simple to use, free and neat.

β€” Ma Langkan

I can finally see my overall portfolio performance at one place. It tracks the fees, so you can optimize your buying strategy. So far I'm fine with the free version, but considering an upgrade, especially for the tax season.

A simple way to track your investments, including dividends. It shows clearly and in a simple way all my investments.

β€” Oriol

Simple Portfolio is the tool I needed - I've had a DeGiro account for about 7 years, but didn't have a way of tracking assorted metrics over time. But this tool has really allowed me to get a handle on my investments and their performance, and helps me feel more informed.

Jakub, the creator, is also really responsive to emails. I had a query for him, and not only did he respond, but implemented an update to the app that displayed what I wanted to see.

Highly recommended.

The app looks so sharp! Thank you for building this!

β€” Falco

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One-time payment per tax year.

  • 25 transactions
  • Unlimited brokerage accounts
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€ 49

One-time payment per tax year.

  • 100 transactions
  • Unlimited brokerage accounts
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One-time payment. No subscription.


€ 99

One-time payment per tax year.

  • 1,000 transactions
  • Unlimited brokerage accounts
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One-time payment. No subscription.


€ 199

One-time payment per tax year.

  • 100,000 transactions
  • Unlimited brokerage accounts
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