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Track and visualize your Lynx portfolio

Get a better view of your stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies with an easy-to-use portfolio tracker.

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Import your trades from the following brokers, from a CSV file or add them manually.

Track numbers that matter in the long-term

Most brokers don't show you the numbers that matter in the long term. We show you your true net annualized return rate, annualized fee ratio, capital gains yield, and dividend yield.

All your investments in one place

Get a perfect overview of all your investments in one place. Easily see your asset allocation and how well each asset performs. For each holding, we show you its absolute and annualized net return including fees and dividends.

Simple Portfolio dividend income breakdown

Track your dividend income

You no longer have to manually enter your dividends into a spreadsheet. All dividends and other corporate actions get automatically imported into your portfolio.

Simple Portfolio upcoming dividends

Plan ahead with the dividend calendar

Track your upcoming dividends so that you can plan which holdings to keep and which to sell.

Make sure your portfolio is diversified

Make sure your portfolio is well diversified by breaking it down by asset class, region and sector

Compare your portfolio to a benchmark

See how would your portfolio perform if you invested the same amounts in a benchmark of your choice such as S&P 500.

Make sure your portfolio risk is appropriate to your returns

Track your portfolio risk, see your risk-adjusted return and compare it to a benchmark.

Do your taxes in minutes, not days

Doing your taxes used to be a hassle. Not anymore. With our detailed tax report, you have everything you need to file your taxes. See a sample tax report.

Import all your trades in seconds

You don't have to enter your trades manually. Just drag & drop your account statements from your broker or spreadsheets. We do the rest.

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Testimonials 💙

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You are scaring me with your customer focus. Seriously though, in this day & age when no one really cares about customers, this is highly refreshing.

— Vijay

I really love your website, it's simple and elegant which is just what I want and was too lazy to develop myself.

— Maarten

The simplest, most straightforward

I logged in every portfolio tracker I could find and will stay with this one. Very ergonomic, straightforward, relevant KPI easily accessible. Great job from the creator. Looking forward to the updates coming. Very new yet very promising.

FYI: I am using DEGIRO.

Your site is beautiful.

— Jean

The app is really clear and usable. It is really easy to import the Degiro porfolio just uploading the Account.csv. I needed help with some transactions I did via MyInvestor and I had answer in less than two days. Normally, in less than 10 minutes. Jakub is really kind and even adds items if they aren't includent in the app in a record time. If I haven't subscribed yet it is because of the money, otherwise I would have bought the premium version!


The website is fast and clean. Plus Jakub, the founder, answers all the questions in a timely manner. The whole experience is seamless. I can't recommend it enough.

Some other solutions require login data. I'm happy with the CSV imports on the Simple Portfolio app, it's easy enough and makes me feel safer.

I'm currently using the free version. It already provides me with far better visibility than my broker (Degiro). I imagine the paid version is even more powerful.

Great product by the way. I am enjoying using it and now I have a much better overview than before.

Thanks for the app! This is awesome and at the same time unbelievable that DEGIRO doesn't provide anything like it.

— Marco

Quick, simple portfolio tracking software that allows you to import trades from your broker in order to view detailed statistics on your performance. It has been designed with my broker (Degiro) in mind.

— Tom

Great app! Finally I can see the true return (p.a.) of my whole portfolio presented in a simple and understandable way. It works with Degiro exports and it's free!

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€ 0 /month

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  • Unlimited trades
  • Unlimited brokerage accounts
  • 1 portfolio
  • Performance tracking
  • Automatic dividend & split tracking
  • Chat support
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€ 8 /month

or € 80/year 2 months free

  • Unlimited trades
  • Unlimited brokerage accounts
  • 5 portfolios
  • Performance tracking
  • Automatic dividend & split tracking
  • Holding analysis
  • Portfolio benchmarking
  • Dividend calendar
  • Advanced dividend analysis
  • Portfolio breakdown
  • Portfolio risk analysis
  • Chat support
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Tax reports can be purchased with a one-time payment per tax year starting at €0.
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