Understand your portfolio's performance

Track numbers that matter in the long-term. We show you your true net annualized return rate, annualized fee ratio, capital gains yield, and dividend yield.

Know your true performance

See your annualized portfolio performance over any period and break it down to capital gains, dividend yield and fees ratio.

Keep an eye on your fees

See how your brokerage fees impact your long-term returns.

Benchmark your portfolio

See how would your portfolio perform if you invested the same amounts in a benchmark of your choice such as S&P 500 or MSCI World index.

Import your trades from the following brokers, from a CSV file or add them manually.

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Track your dividend income

You no longer have to manually enter your dividends into a spreadsheet. All dividends and other corporate actions get automatically imported into your portfolio.

All your investments in one place

Get a perfect overview of all your investments in one place. Easily see your asset allocation and how well each asset performs. For each holding, we show you its absolute and annualized net return including fees and dividends.

Do your taxes in minutes, not days

Doing your taxes used to be a hassle. Not anymore. With our detailed tax report, you have everything you need to file your taxes.

See a sample tax report.

Import all your trades in seconds

You don't have to enter your trades manually. Just drag & drop your account statements from your broker or spreadsheets. We do the rest.

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Level up your investing with premium features.

  • Performance tracking
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